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Who Should Invest In Sbi Bluechip Fund G

SBI Bluechip Fund is suitable for the investors who want to keep quality stocks in the portfolio with growth potential which are managed professionally. The bluechip stocks have a promising future and can provide a much better return for long-term investment without exposing to high risk. It has a moderately low-risk factor and is ideal for the investors with a decent risk factor and a good risk to reward ratio. New, as well as experienced investors, can grab the

benefits of bluechip stocks through SBI Bluechip Fund G. Investors can also get the benefits of: 1. Long-term growth 2. Capital appreciation 3. High returns 4. Diversification

SBI Bluechip Fund Growth invests in the stocks of bluechip companies which can generate profit in the favourable as well as adverse economic conditions and assist in the growth of the economy. These companies have a significant business presence, good reputation, and are possibly the market leaders in their respective sector. The fund comprises a well-diversified portfolio of predominantly large-cap companies with steady growth potential. The fund manager Ms Sohini Andani follows the growth style of investment. More than 80% of the corpus is generally invested in large-cap stocks while 10-15% is

invested in mid-cap quality stocks which can be considered as ‘Bluechips’ to grab high returns. A total of 58 stocks are present from 13 Ms Andani has been managing the SBI Bluechip Fund G since September 2010. She has led the SBI Bluechip Fund to beat the benchmark for 6 out of 7 years under her management. The massive returns have been generated in the favourable market while the negative market has been navigated smartly by active management. Ms Andani is a B.Com and CA. Before joining SBI Mutual Funds, she

has worked with ING Investment Management, ASK Raymond James & Associates, LKP Shares & Securities, Advani Share Broker, CRISIL, and KR Choksey Shares &

* Type and search directly by the name of SBI Bluechip Fund. Once it opens up, look at the details. You can also compare similar funds as well as use Returns Calculator Q. Should you invest in SBI Bluechip Fund? A. If you can tolerate moderate risks and you can stay invested for a span of 3-5 years then you can consider the fund for substantial capital appreciation. It is also one of the highly ranked funds by CRISIL. Q. What is a blue chip company and why is it called so? blue chip company. The

term ‘Blue Chip’ comes from the game of Poker in which blue chips hold the highest value. mode of investment that is beneficial in the long term investment. It also reduces financial burden as one needs to invest periodically and provides the benefit of rupee averaging cost. A. Ms. Sohini Andani is the Fund Manager who has been at the helm since September 2010. He has allocated the major portion of the corpus in equities of various bluechip companies to accrue maximum returns. Its major holdings include well-performing companies like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Larsen

& Toubro ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund Direct Plan Growth Fund Manager Rajat Chandak (Since over 3 years) Priyanka Khandelwal (Since over 3 years) Anish Tawakley (Since about 2 years) ISIN INF109K016L0 Fund Family ICICI Prudential P/E Ratio 23.60 P/B Ratio 2.37 MUFS.HTML | In order to read or download mufs.html ebook, you need to create a FREE Parsec Trading Corp. C/O MUFG Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited, 4th Floor North, Cedar House 41, Cedar Avenue, Cedar Avenue, Hamilton, HM 12, Bermuda Asset Management / Investor Services Business Gross profits increased 0.4% (¥0.7 billion) year on

year to ¥172.2 billion. Net operating profits rose 2.8% (¥1.9 billion) year on year to ¥70.2 billion. Despite a decline in revenues from the pension business due to a shrink in employees’ pension fund (EPF) plans, we recorded increases in both revenues and profits thanks mainly to growth in domestic and overseas asset administration balance. ## How to Invest in SBI Bluechip Fund? SBI Bluechip Fund-Direct-Growth is available for investment in the For saving, simply contact our fund advisors, choose the fund – SBI Bluechip Fund – make payment and start your investing. We at

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Sbi Bluechip Fund Dividend Payout Annually Investment Volatility And

How Risky Is The Sbi Bluechip Fund Growth Investment

SBI Bluechip Fund G has impressive statistics when the risk parameters are concerned. Despite the involvement of the mid-cap stocks, the risk is lesser than the average of other schemes of the category as the stocks from cyclical sectors are mostly chosen which have a promising potential for growth. Due to the involvement of a large number of blue-chip stocks, the risk factor is comparably lower than other large-cap stocks as the companies in which the fund manager has invested in are well established and financially stable to resist the volatility of the equity market. Investment in SBI Bluechip Fund SIP provides better returns compared to the risk involved which is the reason why many experts suggest this scheme to the new as well as experienced


Who Should Invest In Sbi Bluechip Fund

Investment Strategy Of Sbi Bluechip Fund

SBI Bluechip Fund is mandated to invest a minimum 70% of its portfolio in equity. While the fund is predominantly large-cap biased, it does make opportunistic allocations to mid-caps. Large-caps form over 80% of the portfolio, while mid-caps command a weightage of up to 20%. The fund defines large-caps as those stocks that have a market capitalisation that is equal to or more than the market capitalisation of the last stock of BSE 100 Index. This also means that the fund's investment universe is not limited to stocks from the BSE 100 index, but it is free to invest in a stock that is not

a part of the BSE 100. While identifying stocks for the fund's portfolio, the fund manager aims to invest in large companies with an established business presence, good reputation, solid brand equity and are possibly market leaders in their industries with less uncertainty in top-line and bottom-line growth. The investment team also aims to keep an eye on consistency in management performance, change in leadership and key management decisions that can affect the outlook of the business. SBI Bluechip Fund – Top Portfolio Holdings Top 10 Stocks | Stocks | % of HDFC Bank Ltd. | 7.92 Larsen & Toubro Ltd. | 4.33 Mahindra

& Mahindra Ltd. | 3.10 Nestle India Ltd. | 3.02 ITC Ltd. | 2.64 HPCL | 2.64 Bharat Electronics Ltd. | 2.57 State Bank Of India | 2.55 Hindalco Industries Ltd. | 2.39 IndusInd Bank Ltd. | 2.39 SBI Bluechip Fund usually holds about 50-60 stocks in its portfolio. As on December 31, 2017, the fund had invested in 61 stocks. The top 10 stocks account for around 33.5% of the portfolio, while the top 5 sectors had a total weight of 53.7%. The weightage to stocks is reasonably spread out with just one stock—HDFC Bank, having an allocation of over 5%. SBI Bluechip

Fund's portfolio is heavy weight on stocks in the Banking and Financial sector, followed by Auto, Engineering and Consumption. It held significant exposure in Pharma, Petroleum, Cement, Chemicals and I.T. among core sectors that usually exist in the fund's portfolio.

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